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     PV (Photovoltaic) solar cells creates

    electric power by converting sunlight into electric current, which powers

    household electric appliances, while feeding the

    excess power into the public electric grid.

Product application form
  •  Sunshine House
    Sunshine House
    ● The over 5m long main rails creates a 32㎡ living space . ● The supporting structural frame is made of high tensile 6005-T5 aluminum alloy. ●The main rails and sub-rails owns extensive cross section which ensures the structural frame to sustain any climate challenges. ● The main rails fit the sub-rail perfectly, with well designed joints and hinges, and can harmonize with any architectural window and door settings. ● The gutters on the top frame guides the rain water to drain away, ● No cutting chips, aesthetic looking surface. ● The double sided solar panel creates more output than conventional solar panels.
  • The arbor type power station
    The arbor type power station
    ● Low installation guarantee photovoltaic panels appropriately directed, not easy to form water. ● Own aluminum alloy solar stent production chain, standardized production, quality is reliable. ● When all the aluminum anodic oxidation on the surface, there are oxide film, anticorrosion, use fixed number of year for 30 years. ● Low installation from cutting from welding, no weld, such as bubble safe hidden trouble. ● Professional engineer to guide installation, installation quality of the site inspection.
  • The best Angle power station
    The best Angle power station
    ● Low installation can do the best power Angle 3 ° 18 °, under the same capacity can obtain larger capacity. ● When the company is the only company in the industry use aluminium system to do the best Angle of enterprises. ● Increase the inclined support bar design, structural stability is higher. ● Warm silver metallic luster, all fit easily into domestic outfit style, installation effect is more beautiful.
  • Sunshine garage
    Sunshine garage
    ● Variety of tie-in plan, can meet the needs of all kinds of household, unlimited lateral extension. ● Cars, exclusive protection, prolong service life. ● Low light energy into electrical energy for family use, to secure a stable electricity subsidies.
  • Inclined housetop power station
    Inclined housetop power station
    ● Effectively reduce the roof temperature, reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning. ● Flat out on the roof, avoid the roof is damaged, will not affect the roof waterproof structure. ● Low use of idle roof generating revenue.
The core components
  • Efficient PERC double glass double component
    Efficient PERC double glass double component
    ● Low positive nominal power 295 w, on the back of the nominal power 200 w. ● Low effective power: 295 w x 1 + 295 w x 10% = 324.5 material 325 w ● Low photoelectric conversion efficiency: positive > 21% and > 15% on the back. ● Depending on the machine environment, the average capacity can be increased by 10% - 35%. ● Low average power attenuation is not more than 0.5%, the service life of not less than 30 years. ● Low junction box protection grade: IP67.
  • Efficient single crystal glass component
    Efficient single crystal glass component
    ● Low average power attenuation is not more than 0.8%, the service life of not less than 25 years. ● When the wind load: 2400 pa, per square meter component may withstand the 244.897959 kg object. ● Low the snow load: 5400 pa, or may withstand the 899.7 kg per square meter component object. ● Low junction box protection grade: IP67.
  • inverter
    ● Low conversion efficiency of 98% or more. ● Wide input voltage, power generation time is long. ● Multi-channel MPPT technology, series parallel multiplex group, increase the capacity. ● Low IP65 protection grade, outdoor use safe. ● Using GPRS module, electricity generated by mobile phone at any time.
  • Aluminum alloy stent
    Aluminum alloy stent
    ● Their own support research and development production base, quality is guaranteed. ● Low level by large 6005 - T5 glass curtain wall aluminum alloy, strong and durable. ● Low surface by anodic oxidation treatment, anticorrosion, used for 30 years. ● Low through the wind tunnel test of zhongshan university can resist 12 + typhoon.
Power plant accessories
  • Doors and Windows
    Doors and Windows
    Apply to sun room. Effective heat insulation noise reduction. Using high precision grade aluminium system, beautiful and durable.
  • Wall-mountable fan
    Wall-mountable fan
    Modeling simple, beautiful and fashionable, practical at home
  • The socket
    The socket
    Standard configuration, safe and reliable, will choose that occupy the home
  • Hanging basket flower
    Hanging basket flower
    Fashion simple, attractive and durable, suitable for all kinds of decoration style
  • Elevating the dryer
    Elevating the dryer
    Color optional, convenient installation Effective use of unused space in power station
  • trough
    Aluminum alloy material, and power stations Anodic oxidation treatment on the surface, oxide film, anticorrosion. Protect wires, effectively cope with various outdoor weather.
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