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Meirui Business Department

Responsible for the sales and promotion of Meirui’s products in the hospitals


1. Sales and promotion in the hospitals

? To formulate annual sales and promotion plan and decompose annual sales target; Determine key hospitals in each region.

? To develop plans for product promotion and academic promotion, and arrange such supporting activities as academic and promotional meetings.

? To control department budget for optimal ROI.

? To exploit new market and customers to achieve higher market coverage and market share.

? To achieve annual sales target.

2. Management of circulation channel

? To select and maintain commercial channels

? To keep payment collection term punctual, safe and under control.

3. Management of commodity circulation channel

? To establish and maintain urologist networks at different levels.

4. Establishment of professional brand image in the field of urology

? To hold or assist to hold academic forums/ meetings; To plan and implement various cooperative projects with urologists.

5. Team construction and management

? To give the sales team instructions on daily business.

? To cultivate key staff, and improve the overall sales ability.