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Hospital business department

Responsible for major agent products; Responsible for investment invitation and sales of Yong’an’s new products in the hospitals



1. Formulation of development plans

? To set annual sales and marketing strategy, sales target, performance appraisal policies and annual budget for Hospital Business Department based on corporate annual sales and marketing strategy.

? To formulate detailed periodic working plans based on annual plan and marketing program, and implement, evaluate and rectify these working plans.

2. Business management

? To construct, standardize and optimize business process and background support system.

? To focus on sales data analysis; To predict sales status timely and accurately; To gather competitors’ information and make targeted plan;

? To visit key agents and hospitals within their sales areal; To assist the agents with academic promotion and sales.

? To deal with government affairs concerning medical insurance, basic medicine and bidding.

3. Team management

? To arrange regular meetings; Give instructions to sales team, and thereby improving the overall sales ability.

? To construct a productive team and motivate the whole team by cultivating key members.

? To review the talents periodically and make regular performance appraisal.

4. Other responsibilities

? To coordinate with upstream and downstream firms.

? To make annual procurement plans.

? Other tasks assigned.