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Our Mission

Cherish hope for humanity and devote to life and health.

 Our Vision:

To be an international pharmaceutical company with distinctiveness and core competitiveness that is trusted by patients, loved by our staff, respected by rivals and recognized by the public.

Our strategy:

To develop clinically superior pharmaceutical products with high added value for the purpose of improving people’s health and well-being by focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and employing our sales and marketing capability.

Our spirit /core valu

Virtuous: Uprightness, Self-discipline & Live Morally

Diligent: Practice & Press on

Thinking: Sagacious, Reasonable & Deliberate, Discerning

Innovative: Pioneering, Creative & Confident, Open-minded

Our management philosophy:

The sea is vast since it accepts all rivers, so welcomed are talents of both virtue and knowledge.

We believe talent is the core of everything. We offer our staff great working and living conditions as well as an excellent platform for them to develop and grow. In addition, a harmonious partnership between leaders and staff has been established. “Always review ourselves” has become a motto to remind every leader to stay clear-minded. We value creative ideas proposed by vigorous young staff as much as experience, which is why we managed to overcome every single difficulty and seize every single opportunity. Also, we are in a pragmatic manner to make specific requirements for each staff, thus enabling them to be more devoted to their jobs. A corporate structure that guarantees the collection of wisdom of all staff is the key to our success.

Our emblem:

The shape of emblem is the initials of Trade Star. The color green symbolizes life and medical industry. Its shape implies that our company is like a big flying bird. The letter “S” stands for “star”, and “start”, indicating that our company is like a rising star, ready to start a new journey and rise to the upcoming challenges. The color blue represents high-tech, the oval in the background represents the earth, and the small red ball refers to sun, representing our flourishing medical cause.