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Trade Star Pharmaceutical Holding Group was founded in 2000 in Beijing. After years of development, it has transformed into a commercial stage company with integrated functions across drug research and development, manufacturing, medical promotion, marketing, sales and distribution.

With “cherish hope for humanity, devote to life and health” as our tenet, and “virtuous, diligent, thinking and innovative” as the company culture, Trade Star establishes a clear development strategy and its key competitive advantages.

Trade Star Pharmaceutical Group wholly owns subsidiaries as Beijing Jinyang Likang Medicine Co., Tibet Jianlian Medical Co., Keanrui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Yunnan Yong’an Pharmaceutical Co., Nanjing Meirui Pharmaceutical Co. and Beijing Zhongzhi Biological Medicine Co., and partners as a shareholder with Chinese pharmaceutical companies to achieve win-win collaboration in drug development and commercialization. The group   opened the oversea sites in Boston, Tokyo, Singapore and Hongkong, aiming on a partnership with international companies by investment in assets, in-licensing and co-commercialization of innovative products to reach value-creation in China.

In 2016-2018, the total annual sales revenue of Trade Star group exceeded 2.5 billion RMB per year. By leveraging its strength of marketing and concerted commercial networks, Trade Star takes a leading role with track-record sales in the areas of oral antibiotics, cardio-cerebrovascular, urology (OAB and BPH) and digestive system.

Trade Star focuses on innovation of pharmaceutical industry, dedicates to drug development with clinical superiority, and meets unmet medical need through the excellence of the groups marketing and sales capability.

In future, Trade Star will place more emphasis on science, giving attempts to breakthrough with courage, and preparing for change with enthusiasm. It is a commitment of Trade Star to innovation. It will be a determined effort of Trade Star to make greater contributions to pharmaceutical industry.